POEA Licensed Agencies – Which Are the Valid Ones?


POEA licensed agencies are important indications for an officiated and safer process of working abroad. You see, working abroad can be troublesome without the proper identification and paperwork. This is why some overseas workers are getting through more illegal means so as to speed up the process and start working outside foreign lands. Unfortunately, depending on where you are country is and what specific laws are in place that you need to understand before you can enter to work in that kind of country.

POEA licensed agencies are essentially work or contractual agencies that are sanctioned by the POEA or the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency. Why is it important they sanction it, you ask? This is simply to help workers seek employment under a safe and mediated procedure, they also help inform that particular person the specifics they need in order to get into a country under legal channels while maintaining a secure passage for workers who wish to work outside the country.

How POEA Licensed Agencies Work

The POEA works to promote as well as develop employment of Filipinos that desire overseas employment to other countries. Along with promoting as well as developing overseas contracts, they also serve to protect the right of these migrant workers which starts at providing POEA licensed agencies . For private sectors and their participation in recruitment as well as well as placement, while keeping the terms negotiable in terms of attaining clientele. This is exactly why under the RA 8042, there is such as thing as selective deployment, depending thoroughly on the demands and skill sets required by that particular job.

In other words, the POEA license agencies under a strict arrangement before they can allow them to hire workers for their clients abroad. If there are any complaints or cases filed for laws violated under the POEA, they are the people responsible for dispensing legal recourse on the matter. Aside from lawmaking, they also operate minimum labor standards while granting systemized incentives as well as penalties to these institutions. But they’re not only limited to regulation of laws – they also help overseas workers find jobs through broadcast, print, as well as television. Another great thing about these POEA licensed agencies is that they conduct PDOS (or Pre-Deploymnt Orentiation) for workers who are about to work overseas, covering various facts that are pertinent to their work outside the country.

POEA Licensed Agencies – Where to Start

Perhaps one of the more accessible means to get aquatinted to POEA licensed agencies, understanding what they’re there for is going to their website (www.poea.gov.org). They not only provide you with how their agency works but also provide you with a complete listing of POEA licensed agencies as well as their status. Since they average 3,000 clients daily, they keep an up to date system that shows you if a certain agency is good to go or not. The interface is easier enough to understand. All in all, if you want to get your facts straight for a more secure passage as well as employment into a new country, consider getting an updated listing for POEA licensed agencies.

Check the complete list of POEA Licensed Agencies or search the status of the agency here.